This poem is about that feeling in recovery when you finally recognize that there’s a life force beyond you, beyond your disease, beyond anything you ever imagined. It’s about that time when you finally figure out that you don’t have to go through everything alone. Note: When I wrote this I was speaking of the Holy Mother, Mary, who was very significant to me at the time. If it works better for you, you can replace the female pronouns with male, and “Great Mother” with “Great Father”.



The life force inside me both scares and excites
The power behind every breath

It’s just so different, for once in my life
To not be surrounded by death

I’ve spent most of my life just trying to halt
The inevitable passage of time

This life has a clock on it– I feel its pulse
And now I am hearing it chime

Go on, it says, move forward and grow
You can’t stop this great wheel from turning

You’ll work and you’ll love, you’ll fail and succeed
You’ll never stop trying and learning

The Great Mother has plotted a path for your life
Why do you keep trying to fight it?

Your own beautiful story is laid out so clear
Why do you keep trying to re-write it?

She’s trying to lead you toward something important
So please don’t keep changing her plans

She doesn’t expect perfection of you
As long as you do what you can

Work hard and hold fast, be strong and take heart
It’s ok to worry and doubt

Just know that you’re never alone in this world
And She’s got it all figured out

© Sarah Henderson 2007


About writingforrecovery

Sarah is a writer and poet who speaks out about issues that make people uncomfortable. Sarah advocates for causes such a sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, and mental illness, and often speaks openly about her own experiences. She is determined to abolish the stigma associated with these issues and believes that it starts with people telling their stories, so she started a blog called Writing for Recovery where people can do just that. She is the author of three volumes of poetry and is currently at work on her fourth. She is convinced that there's a novel somewhere in her, and occasionally picks at the chapters so far. View all posts by writingforrecovery

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