V-Report: Be Part of the Movement

Hello Recovery Writers!

I just read about an incredible opportunity for anyone who wants to help others by sharing their story. Eve Ensler, the founder of the ant-sexual violence organization V-Day and the author of “The Vagina Monologues” is beginning a project called V-Report. This is how Eve describes it:

“In the name of justice for women, V-Day is initiating the V-Report, inviting women throughout the world with a story or case to report to do so online — to tell us what happened, to share your story.

Here’s what you need to know. We will listen to your story. We will record it on this site. We will give you the space to say what you need to say and we support your right, your need to say it… let’s seize this moment. Let so many of us speak out that it’s a landslide and it turns the tide and the courts and the method of justice.”

How awesome is that?

So, to be fair, I have already posted my story on V-Report. This is what I shared.

From the ages of three to nine, my father molested and raped me. From ages eight to twelve, I had a gymnastics coach that was sexually inappropriate, calling me names, criticizing my weight, pinching and groping my breasts and buttocks, and exposing himself to me. When I was sixteen, I was alone in the emergency room of a hospital. I had been sedated, and while I was still under the effects of those drugs I was taken upstairs for a chest x-ray. The radiology technician who was supposed to be taking that x-ray instead locked me in the radiology area and raped me. I was so sedated and ill that I couldn’t fight. When I was nineteen, I was on a first date with this guy who I didn’t know that well. He was dropping me off in front of my apartment and while I was in his car he tried to rape me. I managed to escape and get out of the car before anything happened. This pattern of revictimization has finally been broken with long-term therapy and support from good people. It is possible to break that pattern, but you have to get help.

Now, I know that it seems like all I’ve been asking you to do lately is share your stories! But if you could please check out this page and think about sharing your experience; if you have experienced domestic or sexual violence in any form please take a look at this. It’s completely anonymous, just write a few words about what happened- you can help show the world what massive a problem this is.


Sincerely, Sarah

Eve Ensler- The V-Report- Huffington Post

Share Your Story Here!- V-Report- Facebook


About writingforrecovery

Sarah is a writer and poet who speaks out about issues that make people uncomfortable. Sarah advocates for causes such a sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, and mental illness, and often speaks openly about her own experiences. She is determined to abolish the stigma associated with these issues and believes that it starts with people telling their stories, so she started a blog called Writing for Recovery where people can do just that. She is the author of three volumes of poetry and is currently at work on her fourth. She is convinced that there's a novel somewhere in her, and occasionally picks at the chapters so far. View all posts by writingforrecovery

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