The motto of Writing for Recovery is “Say the Unsayable.”

This is a page where people can tell their stories. They can link to their personal blogs where they are sharing their own journeys of recovery and connect with others who are doing the same. I will also be posting my own writing, about issues in recovery and recovery in general.

Recovery doesn’t just mean alcohol or drugs; attempting to change your life to end any self-destructive behavior counts, in my book, as recovery. Whether that’s eating disorders, self-harm, chemical dependency, or something else. There is also recovery from mental illness and trauma, a journey that often coincides with the other kinds of recovery. Whatever you have suffered from or if you are still suffering, this is a place you can tell your story.

Writing for Recovery is also about advocacy. It’s about spreading awareness of these issues so that they become less mysterious, less frightening, and most importantly, less stigmatized. Stigma is incredibly damaging to those of use who are trying to live with problems like metal illness and addiction, and it makes it so much harder for those of us who have been hurt by things like sexual violence and child abuse to ever speak about our experiences. We need to bring these things out into the open where they can be discussed without fear, shame, discrimination, or retribution.

Writing for Recovery is dedicated to creating a place where it’s safe to speak, where we can help and inspire one another to change our world for the better by writing about our experiences and sharing them. It’s only when wounds are exposed and allowed to breathe that they can finally heal.

It takes two to speak the truth: one to speak, and another to hear. – Henry David Thoreau

Note: The writing and stories that appear on this web site are personal accounts from individual perspectives that cannot be substantiated by Writing for Recovery. This is not a journalistic web site; Writing for Recovery does not check sources or verify the claims that are made here and therefore is not liable for anything said or written here. This is a place for people to freely express their feelings and experiences from their own perspectives and everyone has the chance to share their personal truth. Thank you.

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