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Poem: “Land of the Lost”

Hello everyone. This poem is sort of an addendum to the journal piece I wrote last week on grief and loss. I appreciate you all supporting me on my journey through this; it means a lot to me. Thank you. Peace, Sarah




Land of the Lost


How do you say good-bye

How do you ever let go


When vital young people have died

Is possible to do so?


23, 22, 20

Unnatural ages for death


Out of the cosmic order

To think of it takes my breath


The unfairness of certain losses

The wishes and trades I’d make


It leaves me feeling angry, quixotic

The universe made a mistake


Horrible people should die in crashes

And loving people should live


This feeling that something went cosmically wrong

Is terribly hard to forgive


I don’t think I’ll ever make sense of these losses

I don’t think I can understand


The reasons behind why these people were taken

Why this was part of the plan


So the only thing left to do

The only way to move on


Is to try to accept that it is what it is

And look forward to each new dawn


That doesn’t mean forgetting the lost

In my heart their memories survive


And I believe that as long as they’re remembered with love

Their spirits are always alive


© Sarah Ann Henderson 2011